Growth for Pure Search US: Helen Cottle joins

Growth for Pure Search US: Helen Cottle joins

Pure Search is delighted to announce that Helen Cottle is transferring to our New York office, to lead the growth of our US C&I Tax recruitment team.

Helen will be based in New York from early 2017, and until then will be meeting US inbound corporates in London to consult on their hiring strategy, talent pipeline and development programmes.

"It has certainly been a busy year for Pure Search US." says Barrie Sanderson, Managing Director of Pure Search US. "The landscape for Tax globally is undergoing significant change, which is shifting both the demands on tax functions and their advisors as well as the career paths available to tax professionals.  As a specialist tax recruitment business we have closely partnered with our clients to align or evolve their tax talent to this change and, by establishing our US office, have also expanded our capabilities to align with their needs.

Helen’s arrival in New York will further enhance our ability to deliver locally as we further establish our credentials in the domestic US. I am thrilled to have her on board."

Pure Search US was founded with a two pronged intention; to deliver on domestic and international work for US based businesses, and to service US in-bound multinationals, many of whom are existing clients who want us there because they know that we deliver.
Through our offices in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, partner with businesses across the globe to solve international problems on a local basis.

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