The Consultants at Pure Legal demonstrate an intuitive approach with candidates that assures alignment with the needs of the position and cultural fit with the work environment. This is then leveraged with a high level of industry knowledge to efficiently streamline the entire interview and hiring process.

Managing Director, Legal - Starbucks Coffee

Pure Legal bring a high degree of professionalism and effectiveness to their work. They assess the precise needs of their clients carefully, and leverage their extensive networks to match high quality candidates to the opportunity. But perhaps what distinguishes them the most is the combination of their consultative approach to recruiting, providing excellent and very senior coaching, and their long term perspective; Pure Legal are not people who will sacrifice the real interests of their clients for short term personal gain.

President and General Counsel, Hewlett Packard

Pure Search recently worked closely with us on a retained search for the expansion of our legal team. My consultant’s knowledge of the market along with their extensive network of contacts means that Pure is a company I have no hesitation in recommending.

HR Manager, Trafigura

Pure Search has impressive and extensive industry knowledge both of the law firms servicing the energy, trade and commodities sector and of the companies within it. My consultant seems to have a photographic memory for names and takes real care (and time) to ensure that candidates go to a position where they will be happy, challenged and be a genuine addition to the teams they join.

Associate, Project Finance - SNR Denton

We like to recruit directly, but there are times when we really need the head start that you get if you work with the right agency. The Pure team have fantastic networks and have helped us out of a number of tight spots almost overnight with excellent interim candidates, who have usually turned out to be people we would want to retain permanently.

Jane Forster, Director of Legal, British Gas