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2020 Finance Salary Guide

Our 2020 Finance Salary Guide provides an overview of recruitment and remuneration for finance professionals across Asia and the UK.

In it we discuss what is driving recruitment in these markets, exploring the distribution of demand amongst skillsets and roles, the reasons behind this and the impacts on remuneration.

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UK Overview – 

There is little doubt that 2019 was a challenging year for business. Continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit meant that general political and economic turbulence dominated the agenda, creating a lack of confidence.

Whilst businesses continued with day to day operations and controlled what they could – cost, product, performance, process and people – the importance of the chief financial officer (CFO) and their team did not diminish. In fact, it continued to expand and evolve, which resulted in an increasingly busy recruitment market.

Asia Overview – 

Business outlooks remain cautious, but steady hiring suggests a shift towards strategic roles involved in finance transformation. In 2019, we continued our focus in helping businesses develop and enhance their finance leadership teams. We noted that hiring activity across Hong Kong and Singapore was largely driven by specialist roles such as tax, treasury and internal audit, with the latter seeing an increased demand for skills in utilising technology and data analytics. We witnessed robust expansion of digitalisation-related activities in the information and communications technology, as well as finance and insurance sectors. Except for the increased focus on technology and business intelligence, it was business as usual for finance reporting and controllership functions…

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