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2020 Legal Salary Guide

Our 2020 Legal Salary Guides provide an overview of recruitment and remuneration for legal professionals across the UK, the US and Asia.

In them we discuss what is driving recruitment in these markets, exploring the distribution of demand amongst skillsets and roles, the reasons behind this and the impacts on remuneration.

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UK Overview – 

2019 was a year dominated by Brexit, which inevitably brought varying degrees of uncertainty to the recruitment market. After the extension of the deadline to 31st October, we saw several recruitment freezes lifted which led to a surge in hiring activity across the legal sector.

As we neared the end of the year, IR35 came more sharply into focus. Organisations have adopted a broad range of stances with regard to continued use of the contracting workforce; we expect this to be a key theme throughout 2020 given the large numbers of contractors within the legal profession…

US Overview –

As ever, legal professionals enjoyed high demand across the US in 2019. This was particularly the case in-house, where ‘new law’ outsourced legal providers have continued to disrupt market norms. With an increasing amount of sophisticated and complex work now kept internally, the role of the in-house attorney has become both more attractive and more commonplace; many businesses have increased the headcount of their teams as a result of switching to the insourced model…

Asia Overview – 

The Legal market remained upbeat despite the challenges of 2019. TMT, corporate and data privacy lawyers remained in high demand. Overall the legal market sustained itself with the introduction of newer fintech businesses who continued to build out their governance teams in 2019. 

Although the China US trade dynamic created hesitation across the APAC region’s hiring plans and the unrest in Hong Kong contributed towards delayed decision making, we saw pockets of growth across the legal sector in 2019…


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