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BAME interview series – Yinka Fadina

In the second interview of the BAME internal audit series, we have Yinka Fadina senior audit manager, global payments at NatWest Group, speaking with Mitesh Parikh.

Question list and timestamps:

  • Introduction to Yinka
  • 02.21 – Looking back on your career to date do you feel that your ethnicity, sex or any other personal aspect has impacted the choices that you made, or negatively impacted your goals, objectives and/or achievements?
  • 05.35 – When looking at the representation of the BAME community within internal audit, how well or otherwise do you feel it is positioned? And why?
  • 06.51 – What do you feel that internal audit functions and banking, in general, can do to better promote diversity and inclusion and create a diverse workforce?
  • 09.12 – Throughout your career what initiatives have you undertaken to promote/drive the diversity agenda?
  • 11.50 – As you are the Head of BAME Taskforce, how have you been involved in promoting the diversity agenda at NatWest? What key initiatives and projects have you been involved in? Have you seen a change?
  • 16.55 – Currently being at NatWest, what key initiatives are being implemented across the wider group and do you feel they are effective in promoting a fully diverse workplace? And how are you getting involved?
  • 18.08 – What are the hot topics around the subject at the moment?
  • 21.34 – How do you think chief auditors, IA departments, HR and talent partners such as myself can assist in promoting diversity not only within internal audit, but banking in general.