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Covid-19: 5 Priorities for GCs

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Right now, there is one big issue on the minds of anyone involved in running a large organisation: COVID-19. It is changing the shape of the world around us, evolving every day to present new challenges.

General Counsel’s (GC) first actions have been to protect staff welfare and the immediate practicalities of keeping their businesses functional, but thoughts are beginning now to turn to the future and to the actions they can take to give themselves and their business the best chance of personal, social and economic improvements once we see recovery from the crisis.

We spoke to some of our GC clients about how they’re dealing with the situation, how they are setting priorities, and how they plan to emerge stronger from the crisis. There were 5 key themes:

1) Crisis Management and Business Continuity
2) Impact on the Workforce
3) Managing Commercial Relationships
4) The Response from Regulators and Financial Authorities
5) Impact on M&A Transactions

To read about how GCs are approaching these, download the full report.