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Leaders in Derivatives Roundtable


Welcome derivatives leaders and enthusiasts!

If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and insights in the derivatives market, we host an annual must-attend round table.

As the industry continues to evolve, staying connected with fellow professionals and ahead of the curve is crucial.

Our previous events have been co-hosted with DRS and Pure’s Director, Head of Legal Interim & Consulting, Penny Parker, who lead discussions on key industry topics.

The roundtable format allows for meaningful dialogue and knowledge sharing, providing attendees with valuable insights and actionable takeaways.


Topics of discussion previously covered:

  • Digital tools and automation – Understanding the digital resources and automated processes utilised by teams
  • Hybrid working – challenges, trends and the new normal
  • Offshoring, nearshoring and outsourcing – ensuring a high quality of work with remote teams
  • Recruitment – Challenges hiring outside of London/ attracting junior talent / supporting juniors through SQE qualification rather than competing with law firms for NQ solicitors
  • Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of being a part of various organisational divisions, including legal, operations, or business teams



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David Sargen, Director, COO, DRS

David joined Barclays Capital in 1997, working in the Legal department, gaining expertise in derivatives, capital markets and structured products. David went on to manage the Fund-linked Derivatives and Equity Financing legal teams before moving to the role of Director in the Investor Solutions sales team for three years. This encompassed offering Fund-linked Derivatives and equity financing products to Barclays Capital’s top-tier asset management and private banking clients.

David joined Derivatives Consulting Group as a consultant after leaving Barclays Capital in 2008. He was a joint founder of DRS in 2009, focussing on Document Outsourcing and Support projects as well as Legal and Regulatory Consulting.


Michael Beaton, Director, DRS

Michael joined Barclays Capital in 2001, working first as a derivatives lawyer and then as a senior structurer within the Complex Transactions Team, forming part of the Equity and Funds Structured Markets trading desk. Here, he specialised in designing and documenting derivatives linked to mutual funds, hedge funds, equities and indices. Michael left Barclays Capital to join DRS in October 2010, where he has responsibility for the firm’s near-shore facility in Newcastle.

Michael is also responsible for the firm’s regulatory practice and has appeared as a panel expert in a number of industry events on such topics as Central Counterparty Clearing, Recovery and Resolution and CASS Resolution Packs.



Ralitza Shiderova, Client Director, DRS






About DRS

We help our clients ‘square the resourcing circle’ – providing additional capacity as well as plugging skills gaps – so as to help meet the volatile resourcing demands inherent in managing large portfolios of documentation.

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