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How is today’s tax function shaping up in the post-pandemic world?

Now with the aftereffects of the pandemic, when layered on top of the technological transformation that had already set course, we see the need to consider impacts on supply chains, operating and economic models, the attitude of the authorities and ongoing legislative and regulatory changes.

It has represented the question that we were asking ourselves well before Covid emerged: what will the tax function of the future look like?

Now considering the “new norm”, we have learnt to embrace the change as we find our feet after the last couple of years, but has the definition of what “good” looks like changed, and if so, how?

In our latest insight journal with Deloitte, we broach the key trends experienced across the tax landscape and considerations taken and provide practical solutions to build a sustainable long-term business plan.

Key themes include:

  • Target operating model – redefined
  • Turning tax strategy into reality
  • Tax risk and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)
  • The shifting sands of tax controversy
  • Technology and transformation
  • The Art of business partnering
  • Talent management


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We are delighted to have worked with Deloitte on producing these “insights”, particularly at a time when we reflect on the degree of disruption our industry has and still has to face.

From the shift in tax perception during the Brown era back in 2005 that really set the ball rolling, there has been an inordinate number of factors that have all played their part in reshaping policies, procedures and, in turn, people.

Ewen Burns
Head of London, Pure