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Pure Wellness Week in Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong office has just completed its first ever Wellness Week; a series of workshops focusing on financial, physical and mental wellbeing.

Pure Wellness Week covered:

  • Stress Management and Performance under pressure
  • Addressing fear of failure 
  • Physical and Nutritional wellness
  • Financial matters/MPF advice/longer term options

Chris Jackson, Managing Director, Hong Kong, comments ‘We are an organisation that embraces employee wellness and we encourage our employees to be healthy. With a supportive culture and environment, our employees will believe that their health and happiness is a company priority. The workshops at Pure Wellness Week Hong Kong are all part of our commitment to encouraging a healthy workplace.’

Wellness Week was also in part prompted in response to an Employee Satisfaction Survey Pure conducted in 2017 and 2018, which indicated that our employees highly value advice around financial, physical and mental wellbeing.  Following a successful wellness week in London in 2018, the Hong Kong office decided to embrace this initiative given that Pure is an organisation that believes that these factors are essential in increasing positivity, energy and productivity among our employees.

Many thanks to Dr Winnie Ho, Kathrine Toong and James Warner for their insightful presentations.