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Pure Wellness Week

Our London office has just completed its first ever Wellness Week; a series of workshops focussing on financial, physical and mental wellbeing.

Pure Wellness Week covered:
Stress Management and Performance under pressure
Pensions, Savings and Investments
Health Insurance and Cash Benefits
Health, Exercise and Nutrition

Charles Ferguson, CEO, comments ‘We are committed to ensuring we provide a culture and environment that supports and enables everyone’s well-being at work, not simply through the benefits that Pure provide but through on going learning and development. The workshops at Pure Wellness Week are all part of our commitment to promoting a healthy work environment.’

Wellness Week was also in part prompted in response to an Employee Satisfaction Survey Pure conducted in 2017, which indicated that our employees greatly value support and advice around financial, physical and mental wellbeing. We firmly believe that these factors are fundamental to a productive work environment and happy work culture.

Many thanks to Cognacity, David Williams IFA and MOBFit for their insightful and thought provoking presentations.