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Liam Richardson talks to The Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Liam Richardson, Managing Director – Asia, talks to The Hong Kong Trade Development Council about his journey with Pure over the last ten years in Hong Kong.

“Pure’s 10-year presence in the [Hong Kong] equips us to respond to market pressure by delivering a higher level of service. Within each of our disciplines we have people with over a decade of experience, and long-term client relationships allowing them to access high-level work. We’ve particularly focused on our governance team (legal, compliance and risk) to support our clients, and 12 months ago we launched our technology practice, which is the first of its kind globally for Pure. (Apart from London and Hong Kong, Pure has offices in Singapore, and New York).

We’ve also invested in our own technology. As a firm, we’ve gone cloud-based, brought in a new CRM [client relationship management] tool which is globally linked, giving our team smarter, quicker access to the global candidate pool. We’ve also developed our Chinese language skills. Now, more than 70% of [people in] the Hong Kong office are multilingual.

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