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Webinar: The Unwritten Contract

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The Unwritten Contract: Why your EVP is not helping you attract and retain staff



Our sister company, Dartmouth is back with the second webinar from their forum series. This webinar focuses on the Unwritten Contract: Why your EVP is not helping you attract and retain staff.

From what was coined The Great Resignation to The Great Renegotiation, over the past 12 months we’ve seen a dramatic shift in terms of candidates’ expectations and decision-making around careers and it’s harder than ever to generate employee loyalty and stand out from the crowd.

The aim of this webinar is to provide attendees with additional insights and tools to tackle the current challenges organisations are facing in attracting and retaining their biggest asset, their talent. During the event, the panel will discuss psychological contract research and how to adapt to candidate expectations when one size no longer fits all. The panel of industry experts will also take the virtual stage to share their first-hand experiences and advice on how to engage with prospective and current employees in a meaningful way.

Dartmouth’s recently published Gen Z Hiring & Retention Report also offers data-driven and contextual insights to inform employee engagement and retention strategies for this emerging generation of talent, which already makes up 30% of the global population.

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Ricky de Ruiter

Global Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand




Rachel Myers

HR & Business Manager

Rede Partners



Timo Reinhold FCIPD

Director of HR for Digital




Anahita Bardalai

Partner, Head of Reward and HR BP

SoftBank Investment Advisers