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Navigating Tax Transformation: Insights from Vicky Bradford


From Traditional Tax to Transformation

In an ever-changing world where technology is pivotal in shaping the future, the intersection of tax and transformation has become increasingly significant. In a recent interview, Vicky Bradford, a partner in PwC’s Tax Reporting and Strategy business, shares her journey into the world of tax transformation and technology. Her insights offer valuable perspectives for experienced professionals and aspiring graduates looking to dive into this evolving field.

Vicky’s journey began with a conventional tax background, working in mid-market corporate tax, compliance, and advisory in the mid-1990s. However, her trajectory shifted when she transitioned into a tax technology role with a global compliance focus. This crucial shift led her to take on roles in global compliance, sourcing strategy, and outsourcing before moving into industry. Vicky managed global corporate tax compliance and reporting for BT, spanning approximately 100 countries.

The Leap into Tax Transformation
About five years ago, Vicky returned to work from her second maternity leave, ready for a change. She took on an ERP implementation project covering a staggering 66 countries. This shift was monumental, introducing her to the intricate world of multi-tax and cross-border complexities. The three-year project allowed Vicky to gain profound insights into the businesses she supported.

Learning Curve
Transitioning from corporate tax compliance to tax transformation was a steep learning curve for Vicky. Despite the challenges, she found that her compliance and reporting experience was a valuable asset. Her expertise in understanding local compliance requirements and working with overseas networks proved crucial in balancing global systems and localisation.

The Thrill of Tax Transformation
What sets Vicky’s role apart is its sheer variety. No two days are the same, and she relishes the unpredictability that comes with it. Her work spans across diverse industries, providing a holistic view of different organisations’ tax transformation needs.

Clients’ Current Needs
In today’s landscape, clients grapple with multifaceted challenges arising from the pandemic, climate change, and the shift towards sustainable supply chains. This has driven a surge in the adoption of cloud technology and ERP-led transformations. Digital reporting requirements, such as tax authority e-invoicing and real-time reporting, add another layer of complexity.

The Future of Tax Transformation
Vicky emphasises the importance of intellectual agility and curiosity when tackling complex problems for clients. As the tax transformation world demands an array of skill sets, diversity within the team becomes paramount. Drawing from various backgrounds, including traditional tax, industry, and technology, creates a synergy essential for successful transformation programs.

Advice for Future Tax Transformers
Vicky offers invaluable advice for graduates and those contemplating a shift into tax transformation. She advocates for a balanced approach, encompassing breadth and depth of knowledge. A core understanding of local law and requirements is a solid foundation, enabling professionals to navigate broader opportunities.


Vicky’s journey into tax transformation is a testament to the evolving nature of the field. Her insights are a guide for professionals seeking a similar path.

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Vicky Bradford, Partner, PwC

Vicky is a Partner in PwC’s UK Tax Reporting and Strategy business, specialising in large-scale tax technology and transformation programmes focusing on Tax in ERP. She has extensive experience advising large multinationals on evolving their tax process and technology to better meet their tax calculation, compliance and reporting obligations across all taxes.

Vicky advises large multinationals on all aspects of Tax in ERP, from blueprinting to deployment, training, testing, and post-go-live support.

Before joining PwC, Vicky was at an FTSE 50 Telco, responsible for corporate tax compliance and reporting across 100+ countries.