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Growth Challenges: Balancing Fit with Organisational Diversity

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How can businesses balance the need to increase diversity with organisational fit?

COVID-19 presents one of the greatest business challenges of modern times and, with it, the need for businesses to rapidly innovate and adapt. Multiple research studies have shown a link between levels of organisational diversity and business innovation, but a question remains – how do businesses balance the need to increase diversity with organisational fit – which provides cohesion and stability, particularly under times of pressure?

In this interactive webinar you will explore:

  • The relationship between organisational diversity, inclusive work cultures and business innovation
  • How the human brain responds to difference under times of stress
  • Bias hot-spots and trigger points, specifically within the recruitment process
  • Recruiting and managing similarity and difference virtually
  • How to balance business cohesion with diversity and difference
  • How inclusion (and not diversity) is the magic ingredient to business innovation

Facilitated by Dan Robertson, widely regarded as a global expert on unconscious bias, inclusive leadership and inclusion at work, the webinar by case studies and research lead insights. As well as being the Director of VERCIDA Consulting, Dan is Chair of the Lord Mayor of London’s Power of Inclusion Network. In 2019 he was named by Hive Learning as a top 50 Diversity & Inclusion global influencer.

This webinar was run in partnership with our sister company, Dartmouth Partners.